緊急告知!2012年12月22日 世界でリコネクティブ・ヒーリング周波数を感じよう!

by 西川 ロミ on 2012年12月22日


周波数の感じ方は、あなたがリコネクティブ ヒーリングのセミナーを受けていなくても大丈夫です。

リコネクティブ・ヒーリング周波数を受信するには、 お一人になれる部屋または空間(車の中でも可)を用意してください。ベッドや布団の上に横になられたり、椅子に座っていてもOKです。寒い時は、布団や毛布をかけて温度を適温に調節してください。様々なシチュエーションで感じていただく事が可能です。
例 仕事中・受験前後・受験中・入院中・療養中・手術中・妊娠中・出産中・就寝中・移動中など。


Virtual Reconnective Healing session worldwide begins in one hour, at 4:45 pm California time. See previous posts for info on 1) how to receive the frequencies, 2) what to do if you are sleeping during this time, and 3) how to find out the time in your location.
A few of you asked how to transmit or receive the Reconnective Healing frequencies, during our 4:45 pm (California time) virtual healing session today. If you have *not* been trained in Reconnective Healing,
we invite you to receive this time around. Those who have been trained know how to transmit the frequencies from a distance. To receive,prepare yourself about five minutes ahead of time. Expand your awareness to recognize that there are people around the world transmitting healing frequencies for your wellness. Simply put out the intention that you are receiving these frequencies. Ideally, you want to be in a quiet place,
sitting or lying down comfortably, but you really can “tune in” from anywhere, as long as you bring your awareness and focus to the fact that you are opening to receive these healing frequencies. If you are going to sleep before we facilitate the healing, set your intention to receive the frequencies as you are sleeping.

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